The mere thought of it had placed the vampire in a very bad mood. It was happening again, just like when her Mistress and Maker disappeared. But when she heard a familiar voice behind her, she jumped. "Integra..?" She turned to look.

"I’m here, Kya, I’m here." She steps forwards, noting the way the air felt…different. "I was under Council protection after a threat on my person…I wish things had turned differently…but I’m back now."

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Sigh, perhaps she really was gone on some sort of permanent vacation or something. This made Kia very sad, as Integra has granted her quite a bit. Oh well-- she just sulks around the garden.

"Kia, how did I know you’d be here of all places?" She enters in from the doorway to the gardens, brushing the imaginary dirt off her skirt. "You’ll have to forgive me for the disappearance…"

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"Yes ah am child, and you are quite small. But big things come in small packages."


"I know that for certain." She chuckles, knowing his words aren’t far from the truth. "So, do you travel around the city often, Father?" That is what he is, right? Priest just radiates like an aura off the man, alongside something else…but she can’t quite name that just yet.

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» Smoke and Silks {Closed with gehennam}

The last thing that Integra remembered was the smell of the smoke from the fire. It had been a chilly autumn eve, and with persistence Walter had set up a bed of blankets and pillows and allowed her to sleep there, in one of the rooms that had the doorway to the gardens.

Well, when she had come to…they were still pillows and blankets, but of completely different kinds.

The air was different too, and bleary-eyed she rubbed to get the sand out and realized that her glasses weren’t there. Now she had right to panic, as she was unarmed and from the view of the blurred world around her, she was no longer in her manor. 

The question was, where had she been brought, and how had everything happened?

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» littleheadofhellsing started following you


"Un pleasure to meet you, Miss Hellsing."

A pleasure, yes, but also quite confusing. She knew Integra Hellsing, but she definitely was no child. She was an adult, a woman halfway through her twenties. And yet there was a child here claiming to be Integra. 

She would be worth following.

And so, once the little girl had taken off, Rip melded into the shadows, following behind her. Not out of malice or intent to hurt her, but simple curiosity. 

She blamed Alucard for the feeling of being followed; past experiences dulled in the face of her reports. The guards greeted her with worried expressions, but a look from her kept them calm once more. She walked with them towards the library, her hand on her pocket where her own weapon rested.

"Its quite a lovely night." she murmurs as the Library heads into view, one of the Council sitting at its entry. This was no business matter; more of idle chatter than anything.

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Alucard looked at Integra, ’ This is my daughter Alexis. I asked her to come here while your father was alive.’ Alexis crossed her arms, ’ The man sent me off to boarding school.’ She walked over to her, ’ I am to teach you diplomacy but my master should you ever need anything I am here for you.’

"Ah. That would make sense. I was…in boarding school for a little…but then I became hometaught." She explains, nodding her head quietly to Alexis. "Pleasure to meet you then, Alexis. I certainly would appreciate the help on that…given who I am working with." She chuckles, quietly adjusts her glasses before looking back to Alucard. "At ease, Alucard. Seems she’s better at calming the tension than I thought. I’ll learn a good few tips from her."

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"Sir Hellsing," Wolfin nodded in return, trying not to frown at the professionalism. She wanted to call the younger girl by her first name, but she supposed they hadn’t spoken in quite a while. The mercenary looked down at the young heir. "It’s nice to see you again. Been a while, yeah?"

When the guide left in content that the two would not cause trouble, it was like that professionalism melted fast. “Bloody hell, I thought he’d never leave.” She breathed, relaxing and smiling a little wider, letting out a laugh. “Wolfin, its been far too long…so instead of trying to get you to visit me, I tried to find you. And it worked!” She seems so proud of herself for that.

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A soft sigh left past his lips, eyes trained on his little master. “Sir Integra. Please, do try to not wallow on that horrible memory.” 

"I’m not ‘wallow’ing, Walter." A denial she knows where they go back and forth from this point, but she’s nipping it in the bud by approaching him and burying her face in his chest, a muffled scream coming out seconds later. Occasionally she did this into a pillow, but for now…Walter worked.

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Alucard looked at her with his daughter both on edge. alexis smiled at the young hellsing heir, ’ You’re going to be fine Sir Integra… You have me around during the day with walter and my father at night.’

She could sense Alucard on edge, but the little girl… “’ve never told me about…” She trails, tilts her head and for a moment she actually wears an element of surprise on her face. “I…I know. I’m protected physically…” But mentally, I know I’m not. Now to keep it looking as if I am secure in all aspects…

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"….Well, twenty-seven days to go…Until another year…and then…sometime after…All Hallows Eve…we remember an almost murder…"

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