Alucard smiled softly. “I’m glad. Another punishment because of his actions would probably draw me insane.” He ginggled. “Why certaly. We are still kids rigth? We need our time to play! But the last time I tried to play Walter got mad at me.” He said embarrassed. ”We can draw or paint if you like. Or even play hide and seek!”

She shakes her head, but his giggle keeps that smile on her face. “We are indeed, Alucard. We are indeed. Come, lets go explore the manor. I can finally enter all the rooms…” She offers her hand back to him, quite interested on continuing on.

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             “Good evening

                   Young Master


Upon first glance you appeared of that of a fluffy little dog. Your smile was oh so contagious. I couldn’t resist the joy I felt upon your presence.


                          “How are were

                                     On this beautiful



 ”Restless.” She’d only admit that around him, fingers twitching in her coat. “The cold hopefully brings less reports, but if I know a certain someone…. you don’t mind the chill.” His basement was as cold as the grave as is..

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19 YEARS AGO __{✞}__I can remember only so much…But it is all I can muster. The time of which it was a time when things were much more lively. The bleak December cold had come and so did the first snow. I took a stroll around the manner minding the glorious winter cold. Until my little shadow had found me once more…. __{✞}__

Snow. Winter. Too early for it but regardless she was mindful of the circumstances. Breathing slowly, letting her breath curl…where was that vampire when needed?

On a whim she had adorned herself in the little cute fluffy coat a Council member gave her, hood drawn up to hide her ears. Oh there he is, near the building. “Alucard..!” Hurries herself over towards him.

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We call ships ‘she.’ We call our war machines ‘women.’ We compare women to black widows and vipers. And you’re going to tell me it’s not ‘lady-like’ to scream, to take up space, to fight and demand respect and do whatever the hell I want. You’ve looked at nuclear bombs and been so in awe that you could only name them after women. Don’t try to down-play my power.

"Integra!!!" The small vampire just tackles the girl. She couldn't believe her eyes that the English girl was right here after so long. "Integra! I've been looking all over for you."

"Oh goodness…well there you are…" She laughs, tackled and manages to stay upright. "Sorry….I had some stuff that came up. Hope you and Kia didn’t miss me too much."

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"…Alucard…? I have a question for you."

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Alexis looked at her and grinned slightly, ’ Well then when you start showing your power my master I will stop referring to you as Little one….’ She said to her calmly, ’ Now my little lady, let us get started on your studies. We have much to cover.’

Alucard chuckled a bit, ‘Yes you are his daughter.’

The bait was there, and she willingly took it, icy eyes glinting behind her wire-frame glasses as she stepped towards Alexis. “As fair as that seems to be, my tiny Nosferatu,” She quipped, playing on the word to reference the small instead of young, “You don’t get to decide that.” Spinning on her heel, she almost looses her glasses. Gracefully catches them and strides out, knowing the two should—will—follow. “Alucard, I wouldn’t dare be anyone else, you being around or not.”

Despite Alexis being kin of Alucard, Integra was not quite certain she could completely trust the other being alone with her on the same circumstances as she could with Alucard. Was no fault of Alexis’ but just caution bred into her.

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Alexis chuckled a bit at the little integra, ’ That is because I have a lot more practice being around humans that aren’t unbearable.’ She said to her and smiled at her, ‘So shall we start little one?’

Alucard made a huff like sound rolling his eyes.

"Oh they’re not unbearable…consider them to be more ‘traditionalist’ than anything." She’s just as in a position of power under the Queen, shaking her head quietly as the other spoke. "You may be older but very fewget to call me little one.” The light in her eyes has returned, some of her old spark returning. Yes, she could do this.

"Don’t start, Nosferatu." Shoots a look in his direction.

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aludad with super vampire hearing that yells at you with telekinesis when you swear 8 rooms away 


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